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The seeds of instability?

In recent years, African agriculture has faced a series of growing challenges, with ever more serious consequences for hunger. A succession of droughts, floods and food crises have served to bring food and agriculture to the top of the list … Continue reading

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Soil-centric solutions: agriculture, biodiversity and climate

The impact of climate change on agriculture and food security is clearly a strong incentive to tackle emissions.  Drought, unpredictable rains, crop failure and livestock death are already a reality in many parts of the world, and especially in Africa. … Continue reading

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US farmers’ backlash against Monsanto

Two recent articles from the New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor reveal an interesting backlash from farmers and markets against Monsanto in the US, following their latest efforts to squeeze farmers for yet more profits. The articles reveal … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Gaia Foundation’s blog!

Join us here at the Gaia Foundation blog for news, views and comments relating to the work we do with our network of allies and partners around the world. This blog will look at issues relating to the false solutions … Continue reading

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