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Mass-Hypnotism in Cancun Climate Delusion

Where “saving multilateralism” means burning the planet We sat in disbelief as the crowds leapt to their feet, cheering, applauding, whooping and whistling the Mexican chair of the Cancun climate negotiations.  Mexico’s Foreign Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, graciously bowed her head, … Continue reading

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Copenhagen burning Africa in Cancun

As the UN Climate Change negotiations in Cancun draw to a close, the noose is tightening around the developing world’s necks.  Developed countries are trying to pressure, blackmail, bribe and cheat their way to an agreement that could condemn the … Continue reading

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Biofuelling the COP Hypocrisy

“Chiapas Ecobus 100% Biodiesel!” scream the sides of the shuttle buses that endlessly transport delegates between Cancun Messe and Moon Palace. They seem to be saying it like it’s something to be proud of.  As if biofuels were actually a … Continue reading

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The Bioeconomy – a new threat to livelihoods and biodiversity

Greetings from Cancun! We held a press conference here today in the climate negotiations, on the subject of “Biofuels, Bioenergy and Biochar: false solutions lead to land-grabbing.”  I thought I would share with you a very interesting presentation from Silvia … Continue reading

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Biofuels Failing Africa

Press release – Thursday 2 December 2010 African Biodiversity Network, The Gaia Foundation Biofuels are failing Africa, in contrast to the many promises that fuelled their growth, a new report from Ethiopia claims today. Launched today at the UN conference on … Continue reading

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Cancun climate battles already started

As delegates and civil society organisations begin to familiarise themselves with the chaos of the Cancun climate negotiations, we are already witnessing a showdown between the controversial US-drafted “Copenhagen Accord” and the “Cochabamba Peoples’ Agreement” drafted by 40,000 members of … Continue reading

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